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In Washington -- as in the rest of the country -- the question of who, if anyone, should control, manufacture, import, possess, and consume alcoholic intoxicants has been contentious and complicated Chessie Birmingham AL escort other social issues such as race, religion, education, and gender.

The issue of alcohol control influenced territorial and state politics and elections on the county and town level, especially with regard to individual community decisions to incorporate and thus gain control local How to get an escort in Vista liquor laws.

And just as saloons were important centers of social life for those who drank, groups devoted to temperance and anti-liquor agitation were social centers for many citizens who did not. Washington was among the 33 of the existing 48 states that had already adopted Prohibition laws at the state level before the 18th Amendment to the United States Constitution, the Prohibition amendment, was ratified in Controlling access to alcohol was a factor in the development of what would become Washington state from the time of contact, when fur trappers and traders Louisville escorts bbfs alcohol to Indian peoples.

Alcohol became an aspect of the social change the fur trade brought to the region.

It contributed to the breakdown of value systems that had existed before contact. Under explicit direction from the British government, Hudson's Bay Company officials reduced the amount of alcohol the company routinely distributed to Indians in partial payment for pelts.

The eventual goal was to withdraw payment with alcohol entirely. The British objected to giving liquor to Indians because it debauched them, and also because intoxication rendered Indians more likely to rise up against Escorts glenwood springs Santa Cruz CA British.

But as American ships carrying alcohol began to play a part in coastal trade, and as American fur trappers penetrated the region by land, the task required of Hudson's Bay employees became increasingly impossible. Nevertheless, in company officials in London forbade the sale of rum to all Indians.

Faced with direct competition from liquor-toting rivals, Hudson's Bay Company chief factor John McLoughlin sold alcohol to traders, who then "gave" it to the Indians -- gift, it seemed, was not the same as payment. Missionaries who reached the region Tifton Tacoma WA escorts then known as the Oregon Country -- beginning in strongly favored temperance.

Temperance with regard to alcoholic intoxicants meant drinking in moderation. What constituted moderation was individually defined -- for some, temperance meant consuming moderate amounts of only wine or beer, but in any case not consuming any alcoholic beverage to the point of inebriation.

Some temperance advocates defined the word more narrowly, and opposed intoxicants entirely. Paterson NJ top ten escortslegislators in Oregon Territory which at the time included the future state of Washington passed a licensing act regulating the manufacture and sale of alcohol.

The act forbade the sale or gift of alcohol to Indians, but established a liberal policy toward saloon licensure. Many emigrants Lagrange Lubbock TX escorts the United States were devoted to temperance.

Congress organized Washington Territory inand a Presbyterian missionary from Indiana, the Reverend George Whitworthimmediately organized the new territory's first temperance society, calling for total abstinence. The second session of Washington's Territorial Legislature took up the Prohibition question, placing on the ballot a territorial referendum outlawing the sale and manufacture of liquor.

Voters all male defeated the issue with votes for, Vietnamese escort Iowa against.

Over the next decade, the massive influx of intemperate gold miners into Washington Territory which at the time included the future state of Idaho made Prohibition legislation a doubtful prospect. InCongress organized Idaho Territory, tipping the balance of political power away from more transient residents like the gold miners, Iowa pure escort much mining activity was now outside Washington Territory's boundaries.

On November 14,state legislators prohibited the sale of Boise best escort within a mile of the Northern Pacific Railroad during its construction in Spokane, Stevens, and Whitman counties. As noted by Jon Owen Nuxoll in a University of Washington master's thesis, territorial legislators may have been "mindful of the 'hell on wheels,' the tent towns of saloons, prostitutes, gamblers, and hooligans which had accompanied construction of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific some years earlier" p.

Historian Norman Clark called this law "an effort to protect workers from the saloon keepers, who were as eager to debauch the railroad gangs as they had been to debauch the Indians" The Dry Yearsp. Inwomen in Washington Territory gained the right to vote, which they immediately exercised, generating consternation and outrage among liquor advocates because as a whole they supported prohibition measures. Women lost their right Escorts Beaumont TX angelas vote on February 3,regained it on January 16,and lost it again on November 14, Not until would Washington women regain the vote for good.

Distancing the cause of woman suffrage from Prohibition was one important strategy leading to this victory. Inthe Territorial Legislature passed a local option law. This allowed residents of a town or precinct to petition for elections on the licensing of liquor sales within their community. The territorial Supreme Court outlawed local-option prohibition inalthough a modified version of the law was later reinstated.

This modified version of local option remained in effect throughand led to wide variations in alcohol availability from town to town, and from county to county. Since only incorporated towns and cities had city councils with the power Lauderdale MN escort fisting render their community wet or dry, on the saloon question unincorporated settlements were at the mercy of their county's commissioners. In most communities, a saloon had been one of the first businesses established -- from the seedlings of a saloon, an eating house, a blacksmith, and a few industrious families, many towns grew and prospered.

The cost, however, often included drunkenness, crime, and job absenteeism. Even in dry towns, pharmacies were allowed to sell alcohol for medicinal purposes. Lemon extract with high alcohol content could be purchased in grocery stores.

Some customers used it by the teaspoon to flavor cookies; others swallowed it straight from the bottle. Induring the creation of Washington's state constitution, delegates to the constitutional convention had the opportunity Escort Provo slope include total, state-wide prohibition in the document.

A voter-approved constitution was one of the conditions that the United States Congress had established in order for Washington to gain statehood. Prohibition, woman suffrage, and the location of the state capital were the three most controversial issues that convention delegates grappled with. Fearful that including these questions within the body of the constitution might spur voters to reject the document, the delegates crafted a ballot that offered Washington Territory's all male voters the chance to vote the four questions -- the constitution, Prohibition, woman suffrage, and the location of the capital -- separately.

On October 1,voters Park Grove escorts the constitution, rejected Prohibition, and rejected woman suffrage. The vote on Prohibition was 19, for, and 31, against. Olympia garnered the most votes in the race for state capital, but did not win the majority, necessitating a run-off in the next general election, held November 4, In that election, Olympia emerged victorious.

National temperance organizations with a vigorous presence in Washington included the International Order of Good Templars founded inthe Prohibition Party founded inthe Woman's Christian Temperance Union formed inand the Anti-Saloon League formed in Towns across Washington had active chapters of these organizations, and of the Washington Territorial Temperance Alliance formed in Agencia escorts vip Orlando Fl counties also formed temperance leagues.

To Milf escort Utah men and women, the saloon was evil institutionalized, at once a symbol and an instrument of Satan's Escorts in Medford ma among God's unfortunate creatures" The Dry Years, p.

The arrival of transcontinental railro in the s Northern Pacific and s Great Northern coincided with the development of refrigerated rail cars, and with the so-called "crown" bottle cap patented inthe type with pointy edges that have to be opened with a bottle opener. These developments allowed beer to be bottled and shipped beyond the immediate area where it was brewed.

Washington brewers began shipping their product to saloons along the rail lines, which stimulated the establishment of more saloons. Large breweries from the Eastern United States established district sales offices in Washington, and competed with local breweries for the beer dollar, further stimulating saloon establishment.

Wine grapes were first planted at Fort Vancouver in Many overland settlers Haven KS personal escort in the s and s brought wine grape vine cuttings, establishing vineyards for personal and commercial use.

Irrigation projects throughout the central and eastern portion of the state made commercial vineyards a lucrative proposition and drew experienced winemakers to the region. Under pressure from the Anti-Saloon League, in voters again passed local option legislation.

This Erie PA escort babes allowed voters in any town not just incorporated communities to petition to hold an election to decide whether or not to saloons in their community.

Once an election date was set, the Woman's Christian Temperance Union usually campaigned heavily, organizing voters, encouraging women Anchorage AK post escorts be sure their dry-favoring male family members were registered to vote.

The Washington Grange temperance supporters because of alcohol's detrimental effect on farm laborers did the same in rural areas. Once a community voted itself dry, temperance supporters from surrounding areas demonstrated their approval with their wallets, traveling to the newly dry town to patronize its businesses.

On November 3,after prodigious Anti-Saloon League lobbying efforts statewide, Washington Poughkeepsie independent mature escorts approved Initiative Measure Three, prohibiting the manufacture and sale although not the consumption of liquor statewide.

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Washington women had gained the Vietnamese escort in Concord to vote inand their votes contributed to the passage of the initiative. Washington's prohibition law was statutory, not a constitutional amendment. The popular vote wasfor,against. Initiative Three exposed a marked split between Washington's urban and rural voters. Even though the initiative failed in Seattle, Tacoma, and Spokane, it won statewide.

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City people opposed it whereas smalltown and rural people were in favor. Any saloons that had weathered Local Option closed as of midnight on December 31, The only legal drinking from this point was via imported liquor that had been manufactured out of state -- the law allowed individuals with permits to import up to two quarts of hard liquor or 12 quarts of beer every 20 Black Naperville IL prostitutes.

Among those without permits or those who lacked the means to prepay and Houston Texas escorts toys alcoholillegal drinking surged, largely via illegal sales at soft drink stands and restaurants. Drug stores, where prescription liquor could be obtained, boomed.

A master's thesis comparing the effects of Prohibition on various West Coast cities states that 65 new drug stores opened in Seattle between January and March, In the immediate wake of saloon closures, Washington voters apparently saw the benefit of restricting access to alcohol.

Invoters rejected two measures that would have eased restrictions. The Washington Hotelmens Bill, which would have amended the prohibition law to permit the sale of liquor in hotels, was defeatedto 48, The Brewer's Bill, which would have permitted the manufacture of beer, and its sale directly to consumers, was defeatedto 98, This amendment forbade shipment Ontario CA escort ero intoxicating liquors of any kind into states that had bone-dry laws, whether or not those states had permit systems.

The amendment went into effect on July 1, In Augustthe United States Congress adopted Island KY escorts latinas Food Control Law, a wartime measure to conserve food, including grains that are essential ingredients in many kinds of liquor and beer. On September 8,the law went into effect, closing down all of the distilleries in the country. Additionally, the Revenue Bill banned importation of consumable distilled spirits, but not wine or beer.

Although existing stocks of spirits could still be sold and consumed, many people viewed these war measures as Escorting in Pennsylvania large step toward post-war national alcohol prohibition. Reduced alcohol import also meant reduced revenue from import tax.