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One of nine siblings and the fourth of five brothers to fight in World War II, Angel Romero consistently returns to the Baltimore Maryland personals women of his family and friends, and the support he has always received from them.

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I wish everybody had a family like mine. He has nothing but praise for his father, Francisco Provencio Romero, who managed to support nine kids and his wife, Maria Morales Romero, despite pervasive discrimination against Mexican Americans at Escort Poughkeepsie back time. He recalls himself helping out on the family farm, as early as age 11, by tending at least 10 acres of small plants.

It was something that we had to do. For example, he recalls facing discrimination from students and teachers in elementary school.

He remembers Escort Fort Worth yucatan a laugh a boy who used to tattle to teachers about Romero and his brothers speaking Spanish. Other students seemed to enjoy seeing the boys in trouble as well, Romero says. In fact, he recalls some of them making up stories of fights started by Romero and his brothers, just to see them in trouble.

Romero attended El Paso Tech, where he learned woodworking and was able to earn 24 cents an hour from the National Youth Administration, a New Deal program aimed Brownsville TX strapon escort Depression-era youth. The age for service was 21 and he was only But then the age was lowered to 20, and then again to 18, so after his 18th birthday, Romero knew he was headed to war.

He recalls a buddy who was drafted at the same time. The friend, Felipe Arellano, told Romero to the Navy with him.

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Romero Gainesville FL lads escorts completing Army Basic Training, volunteering for parachute training, then, after qualifying as a parachutist, beginning training in advanced demolition and infantry.

After volunteering for the parachute troops, he ultimately ed the 82nd Airborne. Romero says he was in four major fights, including the Battle of the Bulge, that have been made into books or movies, but that no single battle stands out in his mind more than others. In one incident in Holland, Romero was injured by two grenades.

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He says he hid for three days, with Germans lurking less than 10 feet away. Although he had morphine, Romero recalls being afraid to use it because he might fall asleep, allowing the Germans to find him. So he suffered through the harsh conditions until some infantry men found him Escort services Camden South Carolina took him to an aid station.

He says one of his proudest accomplishments is having been a part of the honor guard for then-General Dwight D. Eisenhower in Germany.

Romero remembers Eisenhower consoling him after an inspector, General George S. Patton, told New Haven or escort he needed a haircut. Patton had to get Romero on something, Eisenhower said. Romero also remembers the friendships he made while in the Army.

Discharged in December of at the rank of Private First Class, it was difficult to adjust to civilian life, says Romero, who got a job in a furniture shop, where he was happy to have little personal contact with Grass Hemet escorts. He recalls being bitter for about five years about how he and other Latino veterans were treated when they got back from the war.

For example, he and some friends went to a bar in Waco, Texas, where the bartender only served the Escorts santo Salinas Anglos in the group. A man stepped out of the vehicle, pointed to the waiting soldiers and told the bartender. Then the man announced an ordinance had been passed that public places would serve the public and that the bar would be closed.

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Romero remembers that incident with a laugh when recalling how drunk he and his friends got later. They still hug me. Angel Romero.

Military Branch:. United States. Interviewed Ass escort Tuscaloosa. Place of Interview:. By Samantha Salazar One of nine siblings and the fourth of five brothers to fight in World War II, Angel Romero consistently returns to the subject of his family and friends, and the support he has always received from them.

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I was twenty years old. Voces Oral History Center. This site is a special project of:. Donate. Subscribe to our list to receive periodic updates and alerts from Voces.