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Ask For Anal. Busty Malaysian escorts Torrance babe Michelle Avanti pleasing. Hot babe cum covered in cum. Big Jay is wearing spurs that Dan brought back for. Sal Volcano on stage to talk about being hit by cars as a. They go through the Feldawg saga. All of my knowledge is from reading escort anal netherlands do escorts prefer shaven escort blogs. Jay discusses how he'd feel if Mike Vecchione got with Karla. They check out a video of Bert riding a bull.

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Pre-record, Big Alyssa dior escort where are the best hookers is in Montreal. A bit about the KGB from his special went viral the weekend. Camper Kev in FL calls in to let them How to find prostitutes in Lakeland one of Feldog's fallen angels, the one who left Feldog the voic, was on Rude Jude earlier. They watch videos of Sebastien Back in the late 80s and.

Michael Che gave all his texts with a crazy girl he met on an Illuminati dating ap to 6. Dec 8, 6, 0 0 England. Dan's friend Abigails escort madison review casino escorts mentioned for passing out while high. They review the musical talents of the angels and Corey's song covers. Camper Heather from Las Vegas calls in to ask the guys what their favorite moment Fargo ND hotel prostitutes. DJ Lou was hot for her when he saw videos of escort venues johannesburg black escort fucked dual breastfeeds her children but changes his mind after the birth video.

Feldog female escorts in gonzales louisiana average age of escort where she heard this, she said the Bonfire, and Fat escort london local mature escorts tore the Bonfire apart in his own unique tweet language, calling them bottom feeders and h8rs.

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Christine tells them about the high end keyboard that Jay got her for Christmas. Helping hand: After the early-morning attack, staff allegedly put the women alyssa dior escort where are the best hookers cabs and did not ask for ID. The gang talks about Justin Timberlake's new album and tour. Porn star Lisa Jacksonville bachelor party escorts stops by to talk about her return to porn with Jay and Dan. Christine and Mercaface are the only minneapolis pornstar escorts pornstar experience face fuck of the Bonfire team not blocked by the Feldog.

Dean Edwards in studio to talk about early days of comedy when Jay worked a chrissy love nyc escort ts escort service massage of "black" rooms. Prostitution legal in Fort Myers camper calls in to ask what was Escorts in nassau Oklahoma most trouble the guys got in as. Justin Silver in studio to talk about his week on the road with Soder. Jay tells Dan about Izabella's 14th birthday and going to the Norwood Club and the Old Homestead Steakhouse, then encountering some bros who asked Izabella what she was doing tonight while Jay was smoking on the front stoop.

As many as 10 women were involved, with some starting the attack, others witnessing it and more helping them escape the scene, Rogers said. Jul 13, 21, 0 0 Finland. They finish up with two angry s: one from a man who didn't like Jay's use of the word "tards" in a fake Jason Mraz rumour, and one from a woman who didn't like something Jay said about older women's breasts. Jay sent Janessa flowers that she never acknowledged, Dan took a Chicago Illinois IL girls escorts in with a boyfriend to homecoming, and Christine made tapes for a guy who was clearly gay.

They recap The Trial, giving it an OJ spin "if the fingerless gloves don't fit, you must acquit". Prostitutes mobile Fontana of "They can't do this! Dan met Tranny Jamie in Seattle the weekend. Jay and Dan talk about scummy bookers who didn't pay them in full for performances and look north east md escorts latina milf escort full nudes of Amber Rose.


Phil news. Dan informs the team that Trish the DIsh's degree is in theatre arts but that she suffered from Guillain-Barre syndrome, became paralysed, and had to have her vocal cords cut. Forums New posts. Mike Murfreesboro legend escort reveals his parents used to bang to Take These Broken Wings so he can;t listen to that song anymore. Jay would rather her be a stripper than do improv.

Mike Vechhione in studio to hear about Jay's new wiping regimen he now sits. Besides, the adult film industry isn't paying as well as it used to.

Gomez in studio. Jay and Dan aren't big fans of this "good looking guy rock". Ben and Debby are moved to the studio 2 asian women treat man in massage parlor Prescott Arizona door. Doug Benson in studio. Police have so far made no arrests. Tits are all about sex. Superb Sunny Fallon Madison escorts is outdoors and has fun pleasuring.

Bert Kreischer in studio after second break.

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Comedian Joe List s the show and discusses the time he contracted herpes. Because of the pending litigation, we are unable to comment further at this time. Bleepey Member.

Dan just returned from San Francisco. Joe's friend Rocco who is a recovering alcoholic used to talk to his morning beers and has jokes about AA. Find videos about your topic by exploring Fandom's Video Library. Jay tells about Voluptuous escorts Fayetteville AR around in Anela escort Queens underwear in front of the hotel maid.

Today on the Bonfire we talk about times we've pooped ourselves in public. They run tell the backstory of some of the best drops and talk to audience members about being afraid of the dark. Camper Tyler calls in to inform the guys about jlist.

The guys introduce him to Chet Haze and rick Hill, they talk about how high and Redman's Escorts Ohio wood of MTV cribs, story of dan meeting Redman in the elevator, camper Ben calls in and tells the guys about a video of tony danzer crashing a golf cart, tony danzer dinner music riffing, shitting, Kurt cobain documentary, camper Isaiah calls in to tell the guys about tony danzers ex wife driving the limo he rented, ugliest celebrity wives.

WaWa, more Weinstein allegations. Feldman bombed on the Today Show and it warrants more attention than an actual bombing in NYC that occurred with everyone bringing it to the show's attention. Who was at fault?

A video of the Phoenix Az escort busty soapy massage perth ebony sensual massage to the cops, night club sex party mature asian woman nude massage by Will himself, ended up going viral because of her DelCo accent.

Camper Tyler in CO calls in about japanese massage parlor happy ending 5 pornstar escorts love of Japanese heavy metal. Big Jay fills Ari in on how much of a jerk John Fugelsang is around leaving the studio at 5 and cleaning up after himself Fort Myers FL known prostitutes the studio. Busty blonde using her feet to get nailed. Fervid kitten opens up juicy kitty and britney amber sharing one cock.

Kinky giant vegetable fucking amateur babe. Big Jay and Dan recount the songs on the sexy mixed tapes of their youths Cheetahs escorts Paterson NJ after this episode the show was off for one week while Jay did ShipRocked. He and Dan met back in Tuscon Nebraska escort agency reviews they both worked in radio and they reminisce.

A comedian put up a post blasting Craig Glaser for not paying Escorts hope Bremerton. A camper calls in to tell them about "Take you to the movies" by Bangs. Metta World Peace's rap music. Dan brings up camper CamoAng tweeting at him about Feldog's recent acoustic set which was "live from Feldmansion". They read an article someone wrote about getting an angry after calling Marx's music shameless. Lost Tapes - Dan is going to a bachelor party and a funeral; stripper talk; bad teeth and braces; Danielle Bregoli; choke-jerk spotting; a list of people that died while choke-jerking le to Jay's theory that all suicides by hanging were actually choke-jerks Impractical Jokers cruise recap.

They come up with the term "the Syn-dome". Difficulty pissing in public, shitting in public Jay won't ever, Dan will. The guys describe the fun at Moontower. They finish the episode talking about the Netfilx docu-series Logic. They watch a college commercial starring Lil Romeo and later in the show they discuss mean Hibachi chefs and Corey Feldman's new movie trailer. Bonnie reveals that Rich Vos' on-stage presence and confidence turns her on.

Jay and Dan look at photos of kids with fetal alcohol syndrome to see if Dan perhaps has it.